Stage type: Tactical

Targets: 2D paper armed figures

Equipment: Handgun – 2x 10 rounds, (magazines to be loaded how shooter likes, if shooter has mags with smaller capacity only a split for 3 magazines should be done) In 1 magazine maximum 10 rounds are allowed!


  • Shooter enters the building, search & eliminate all armed criminals being a threat and with 2 shots neutralize them, but during procedure must not endanger any hostages that can be among the armed criminals.
  • If during search armed attackers would use tear gas to cover their escape, than:
    a) clears firearm, holsters it, takes on gas mask, makes weapon back to ready then continues
    b) decocks his firearm (safety on itself is not enough if the firearm has outer manual safety), holsters it, takes gas mask on, and strictly the first shot is fired Double Action – of course it is applied to firearms only with a hammer.
  • It is key important to use cover during taking gas mask on. Timer stops if the shooter decides to be finished in the building, shows it to the safety officer and in the middle room fires once at the steel target, that stops the timer.
  • Magazines have to be kept.