Schedule of the competition


Competitors will be able to track the progression of the stages on a bill-board or here in the web page under “Current Task” menu.

The squads get to the basis of all stages written by the schedule and track routing paths to that day. This is the way it goes every day.


May 24. Friday: First competition day

  • 09:00 am: Opening ceremony. The task is going to be to complete 6 day-time.

Május 25. Saturday: Second competition day

  • 10:00 Briefing
  • 10:30- Start. The task is going to be to complete 6 day-time and 3 night-time stages. Approximate end 2:00 pm.

Május 26. Sunday: Third competition day

  • 08:00 – 14:00 : Completion of the remaining 5 stages
  • 15:00 : Tombola
  • 16:00 : Announcement of results


Dear competitors

Please find below the list of weapons to be used during the competition


  • Pistol 9mm or above
  • Carbine
  • Shotgun (pump action)
  • Larg caliber rifle with scope
  • .22 caliber rifle with scope

Foreign competitors who do not have any of the above weapons or can’t bring them to Hungary legaly, the organiser will provide these weapons and ammunation.

Weapons are free of charge, ammunition must be paid for at the range before the competition starts.


If weapons are required please note on the registration form beforehand.