General rules

  • the starting point is always an buoy “A”
  • tasks with carbine: carbine is on sling, magazine in, chamber empty. Pistol is with magazine in, chamber empty, holstered. Spare mags are in magazine holsters.
  • weapon-change: when the carbine is empty at M-, AR- or VZ-platforms you take a look at the bolt which is open and go for pistol. At AK-platforms there are two ways: first, gun goes “click”, magazine out, pull the charging handle, shoot dry in safe direction, safety on, go for pistol. This is much slower than the AR’s way, so there is a faster option: when gun goes cold, you hear the “click”, safety on, weapon change. But: at the end of the stage you need to empty your carbine for the refree. If there was a round in the chamber which was not “dead”, you will be DQ’d from the stage for security mistake. If there is a round in the chamber AND the safety is not on, you will be DQ’d from the entire competition.
  • Carbine has to be on sling all the time.
  • evaluation: if steel stays up +10 sec. If Steel Gong is not hit +10 sec (2 refree will watch). Hostage hit is +60 sec. Not-shot targets +120 sec. (not depending on how many shots needed to hit them). IDPA target (always 2 shots): Alpha: 0 sec, Charlie: 1,5sec, Delta: +5sec. IPSC target (always 3 shots): Alpha, Charlie and Delta +0sec. Circuar paper targets (always 4 shots): zone 10: 0sec., zone 9: 1sec., zone 8: 2sec., etc.. Figure sheet with hostage (always 1 shot): head: 0sec., rest or miss: +10sec. Armed paper sheet(always 2 shots): Alpha: 0sec., Charlie: +2,5sec., Delta: 5sec. Miss for all types: +10 sec. Procedural error (PE or proc.): +30sec.
  • Torning the zones border line is a higher target hit. Although this rule goes for victims and hostages. If armed silhouette targets get hit at the gun that is a miss too.
  • In special stages where an additional skill is required it’s up to the competitor wheather doing it or not. If not 3 PE will be added to the overall time of the stage.
  • In this competition no alpin-techical skills are required, only using fast-rope.
  • Being DQ’d in a stage couses +1000sec. add-on to the competitor’s overall time.
  • Being DQ’d from the entire competition couse finishing that stage at refree’s order, emptying the guns and not being able to shoot the rest of the stages even out-of-competition (for fun..). You also will NOT get your registration fee back.



Dear competitors

Please find below the list of weapons to be used during the competition

  • Pistol 9mm or above
  • Carbine
  • Shotgun (pump action)
  • Larg caliber rifle with scope

Foreign competitors who do not have any of the above weapons or can’t bring them to Hungary legaly, the organiser will provide these weapons and ammunation.

Weapons are free of charge, ammunition must be paid for at the range before the competition starts.

If weapons are required please note on the registration form beforehand.



  • You can’t have any add-ons on the gun (f.i.: magwell, laser, light, micro dot sight, etc..) It can only equiped with iron-sights.
  • You can only use a holster which covers at least 45% of the gun so IPSC holsters are not an option. You need at least 2 magazines or as many as needed for carrying 30 rounds.
  • The magazine holster can’t be magnetic and while running or upside-down the magazines can’t fall out.
  • Guns are allowed to shoot from Condition 1: striker-fired (Glock, XDm, etc..), DAO (Sig-Sauer P250) SA/DA ONLY equiped with at least 2 safeties (1911, etc..)
    All other guns (such az SAO, CZs, PAs, P9s) are allowed to start from Condition 2.



  • All types must be equiped with sling which must allow a transition to the weak side WITHOUT removing it.
  • Military surplus ammo is NOT allowed on steel targets.
  • The magazine’s capacity must be between 10 and 30 (9 and 31….).
  • Magazine connector is not allowed.
  • You need at least 2 magazines or as many as needed for carrying 40 rounds.
  • Using magazine holster is a must. Using dump pouch is recommended, but on stages where magazines can not be left on the ground you can put them in your pocket as well.
  • Both using iron- or optical sights (as well as red-dots, holo-sights or telescopes) are allowed. There will be no separated division.
  • Using any other add-ons is allowed (such as compensators), but there will be some stages where other rules can be.
  • In case of auto-firing: if the competitor is using a service / military weapon gets a DQ on that stage. If the couse of auto-firing is a technical failure the shooter gets a PE and is allowed to re-shoot the stage IF that stage is not a “blind-stage”.



  • Only pump-action gun can be used
  • Optical aiming devices are not allowed, only iron sights (Ghost ring is OK)
  • Weapon sling is needed. Some stages requires it, some don’t allows it.
  • Starting condition: chamber empty and closed (fore-end forward), max. 3 shells loaded
  • While running it max. 5 shells can be loaded in.
  • Only smooth bore can used, rifled NOT

The equipment which the shooter uses can vary in the competition, even between stages. For examlpe: you can holster your handgun in a drop-leg platform using a Lvl 4 vest, but for stages mimic civilian / covert situations you need a concealed carry holster. Or the shotgun hasn’t got a sling on it, so after it run empty ,you need to hold it in one hand and operate the handgun with the other, but in an other stage the shotgun has the sling on, becouse after running it dry you need to climb over something.

  • Additional required equipments:
  • tactical vest with magazine holsters camelbak, IFAK, dump pouch.
  • tough uniform for climbing and sliding
  • cover layer and holster for concealed carry. The gun must be fully covered while raising your arm to surrender position and the holster must fit the IDPA standards.
  • working gas mask (not replica)
  • a big backpack or bag for all of your equipments, becouse cars are not allowed in the range so you need to move your own stuff between stages.
  • knife, multi-tool, hand-held light

Where other equipment is required (such as Level 4 vest, ballistic helmet, etc..) we will give it so everybody uses the same stuff.

Stage’s rules

Combined stages:

There will be more types of targets: IDPA, IPSC, circular, different types of steel.

  • fast” : You need to move and move fast. If the carbine or shotgun is empty, you reload it or chinging mags. If primary goes dry, change to handgun. You don’t need to use cover, don’t need to hold the empty magazines. Shoot-on-sight: Every target must eliminated when sighted so moving backward is not allowed.
  • „rutine” : you shoot from a still position, don’t need to hold the empty magazines, don’t need to eliminate targets on sight. First run the long-gun dry, after that the handgun.
  • „precision” especially for precision-shooting where the shooter chooses which posture is used. The shooter also chose between the long and the short gun, but if starting with the short, it must run dry first. Targets can be shot from bouys, but it’s up to you which target from which bouy. Shooting into obstacles and shooting range’s equipment is not allowed.

Tactical stages

  • Moving, using covers, holding empty magazines. If the long-gun goes empty between covers (while moving from one to the other), you need to change weapon. After moving forward at the next cover de-cock and holster the pistol and reload the carbine / shotgun.  Using the hand-gun you can reload immediately, but: if it goes empty while moving, you need to keep moving OR if it goes empty in cover you need to kneel for reloading. If there is no cover you use your hand-gun. If your hand-gun goes dry, but there are more targets, you go kneel, empty and holster your pistol, load your primary and engage the remaining targets.
  • In these stages moving backward is allowed, but only aiming your gun between the safety angles. Although you will get a PE, becouse of failing the “shoot-on-sight” rule.
  • Shooting at a target, but missing it counts to miss, not non-targeted.
  • The basic rules and evaluation is the same, but every stage requires different equipment and methods.