24-26. May, 2019. Felsőtárkány, Hungary

NOT an ordinary competition, NOT for average shooters…

This will be an unforgettable four days where nothing is like other competitions.
More speed, More accuracy, More realism.

Handgun, carbine, shotgun, sniper. Which one is your strength? And your weakness? You need to handle perfectly all four if you wish to step on the podium. If you want to be the first of the best.

More guns, more targets, more tasks.. less time. Short and long distances. Kill house and vehicle. First aid and hostage rescue.

It’s time to get prepared, but surprises will definitely happen..

Schedule of the competition

The competition will last 3 days, with 3 night-time and 15 day-time stages, 4 types of weapons, 5-600 shots, different basic, endurance, technical and tactical challanges. Real challanges, only for the most prepared shooters!


Handgun: You can’t have any add-ons on the gun (f.i.: magwell, laser, light, micro dot sight, etc..) It can only equiped with iron-sights.
You can only use a holster which covers at least 45% of the gun so IPSC holsters are not an option…

Last yearStages

The tournament will have a total of 18 tracks.


gen. Tamás Sándor

Commander in Chief of Hungarian Defense Forces 2nd Special Operations Regt.

Commander in Chief of Hungarian Special Forces Regiment,

before: Commanding Officer of NATO mission in Afghanistan

Sándor Mergancz

Brigadier General

Commander of Military Police regiment

Dr. Gábor Kovács

Police Brigadier General

Vice president of National Unversity of Public Service

President of the Unversity of Public Service sports club,

coorganizer of the event.

dr. Csaba Vereckei

Police Brigadier General

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Police superintendent

Dr. Habil. József Boda

retired major general of National Security

before: Head of National Security Service,
ORFK Special Police Service commander of operations
1037 parachute jumps

Ferenc Berkesi

retired police major general

former Commander in Chief of the police special services

Dr. Csaba Tarcsa

Brigadier General

Head of NNI

Ferenc Juhász

retired police lieutenant-colonel

President of IPA Riot Police



Our shooting-club will schedule some trainings for those who are allowed.

Raffle prizes

Every competitor takes part in the lottery. At the end of the competition the following prizes will be given away:


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