Categories and registration

Everybody applies to the basic category and if fits to the categories following ( Special, Lady, Veteran, Senior) than he will compete in that category and will be awarded separetly. We DO not validate application for special categories, but the participant has to provide proof of validation!

Basic Categories

  • Sport Shooter ( He has to bear a valid competition licence permitted for the year 2019 by any european shooting association )
  • Active Law Enforcement Member ( Member of Any Law enforcement Agency, with a valid badge or identification )

Special Categories

  • Special ( Member of any special forces, names won’t appear on the site.)
  • Lady
  • Veteran ( Any retired Member of Law enforcement agencies)
  • Senior (Above 50 years )

Terms of Participation on the competition:

  1. Has to legally own at least one weapon. If you don’t have a separate weapon for the competition, or you just have a pistol we can provide weapons, but you have to notify us before the competition and also ammunition has to be payed.
  2. Required equipment ( holster, gas mask, weapons, vests, helmets, Med Kit, Competion licence or law enforcement ID. It should be noted there will be certain situations where you have to use the tools and equipments we provide!
  3. Competition fee should be payed before the competition day. We can only accept Bank transfer to our bank account!
  4. Competitors who are not transfering the fee in Hungarian Forints have to either accept the bank transfer fees or must include the bank transfer fee to the amount described below.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you have any questions please feel free to ask and send us an email: info@5fegyverkupa.hu

Competition Fee

The fee amount and deadline are only valid in case both payment and registration are completed.

Transfer to: 5 Fegyver Kupa SE

International Forint based account:

  • HU59120210060132885400100002


Deadline Amount
2019.02.28-ig 135€ + bank transfer fee
2019.04.31-ig 150€ + bank transfer fee
2019.05.15-ig 200€ + bank transfer fee
2019.05.16 – 2019.05.24 275€ + bank transfer fee